FilGoal | News | The head of the clearing talks about the team’s brilliance with the two poles … and why Midos experience was not complete


Egypt’s clearing stars shine with the team, but that brilliance does not appear when they move to the Egyptian soccer teams Al Ahly and Zamalek, what is the reason?

Mohamed Abdel Salam, head of clearing, told “Maybe the pressure is the biggest reason.”

“Mass and psychological pressure is very large, the player fights to prove himself, and unlike clearing, the pressure here is little and there may be other conditions they are exposed to that prevent their brilliance.”

He added, “But we saw that Al-Shahat felt brilliance in Al-Ain Al-Emirati and Al-Ahly.”

Mido experience

Ahmed Hosam “Mido” left the technical management of the clearing in the middle of the season because of the shaking of the results. What is the reason for not completing the experiment?

“Bad reconciliation is the main factor,” said the clearing head.

“Mido needed an abnormally misunderstanding, and with the testimony of the players, he was doing everything to succeed,” he added.

“I have all the respect and appreciation for him and wish him well in the future,” he stressed.

Why did clearing shake after Ihab Jalal?

Ehab Jalal succeeded in finishing second with clearing in the 2016-2017 season, but after his departure from it the club did not achieve the same success.

On this, Mohamed Abdel-Salam said: “Ehab Jalal was an essential and important factor affecting the stability and stability of the team level, because all the players clung to it and in a way of thinking that was like a brother to them.”

And he added, “There was a great understanding with the administration as well, and now we will not be late for him after he returns to us, as we are one family.”

He concluded, “Ihab Jalal is the cornerstone of the clearing. His second place in the league was a miracle, and not only an achievement.”

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