FilGoal | News | The VAR attended, and the targets were absent. The army and Enppi were drawn in a historic meeting


Video technology attended for the first time in the Egyptian league, but the goals were absent. Vanguard of the army and Enppi are negative.

Pioneers of the army tied with Enppi without goals at the stadium of the Military Sports Authority, in a meeting presented from the 19th round of the Egyptian League championship.

The match did not bring together one of the historical popular teams in Egypt, and it did not witness goals either, but the mere presence of video technology in it will keep it in the memory of Egyptian league history forever.

Muhammad Marouf directed the meeting arbitrarily, while Muhammad Sabahi was a referee to purify the video. To be the first to use video technology in the Egyptian local competitions held in Egypt.

Despite the presence of video technology, the events of the match did not require any recourse.


Amr Gamal led the attack in forming the Vanguard of the Army led by Abdel Hamid Bassiouni, while Mahmoud Qaoud started alongside Ahmed Shoukry, and Mohamed Sharif, in an attack led by Helmy Tolan.

Match description

The first dangerous opportunity was in the 19th minute for Enppi. A corner executed by Ahmed Shoukry, offset by Mahmoud Kaoud with a header just above the goal.

Vanguard of the army responded in the 23rd minute. Mohamed Nassef sent a cross inside the penalty area to bounce the ball and reach in front of Mohamed Samir, who shoots directly at the top of the crossbar and takes a goal kick.

Achieved goal and a bloody injury

The most exciting game of the match was in the 38th minute, after the start of Mahmoud Qaoud and entering the penalty area. Pioneer goalkeeper Mohamed Bassam got out of his net, but Kaoud pushed the Army’s Pioneers player to hit his knee in Bassam’s head, and the ball bounces back to Muhammad Sharif. Sharif hit the ball, but Tala’at defender Mohamed Samir saved the ball before it hit the net.

Muhammad Bassam fell to the ground and received treatment for a few minutes, before completing the meeting after tying his head with a bandage and replacing the blood-stained shirt.

Second half

Many substitutions

In the absence of effective football, the coaches attempted to switch off the lines to stimulate each team.

My dream, Tolan, made the first substitutions of Enppi in the 54th minute by entering Mohamed Bassiouni instead of Ahmed Shoukry, and Bassiouni responded by entering Ahmed Samir instead of Kevin Mohiri in the ranks of the army advance.

Mohamed Nassef tried to advance the army with a shot in the 59th minute but above the goal.

In the 60th minute, Enppi made the second substitution by entering Ahmed Al-Hujuz instead of Hamid Mao.

Enppi pressed again in the 63rd minute and Ali Fawzi penetrated and then sent a cross into the penalty area, but Mohamed Samir showed it at the last minute before continuing with Mohamed Bessiouni.

Another attack was in favor of the Pioneers of the Army this time in the 79th minute and ended with a shot by Amr El-Sisi, but Mahmoud Gad, the Enppi keeper, converted it to a corner brilliantly.

Ammar Hamdi participated in the ranks of the early pioneers instead of Ahmed Dawouda in the 84th minute, and in return Omar Fathi “Saviola” participated with Enppi instead of Abdel-Rahman Imad in the 87th minute.

Al-Sisi hit again after the 87th minute, but just above the goal.

Muhammad Marouf, the referee, calculated three minutes of time, instead of lost, but they did not witness the new one, so the meeting ended in a negative tie.

The draw raised the balance of the Pioneers Army for the 16th point in the 14th position, while the Enebi balance increased to the 25th point in the sixth place.

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