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To postpone the Tokyo 2020 Olympics until next year, have the participation of most of the Egyptian Olympic football team become threatened?

The Olympic football tournament regulations stipulate the participation of a team that does not exceed 23 years old, while allowing 3 players over the age of the maximum to join.

Certainly, with the Olympics in 2021, most elements of Egypt’s Olympic team crowned the African Nations Cup will exceed the age of 23.

Participation of players such as Ramadan Sobhi, Osama Jalal, Mohamed Abdel Salam, Nasser Maher, Karim El Iraqi and Mustafa Mohamed is threatened according to the championship regulations.


But it may not need an exception for the participation of those over 23 years, if the championship regulations continue without any change to them.

The regulations for the football competition on the FIFA website state that the players participating in Tokyo 2020 must be born on January 1, 1997 and after that date.


Now that the Olympics has been postponed to next year, it is natural that this clause be changed in line with the requirement of the participation of players less than 23 years, but with an exceptional circumstance, the matter may differ.

In the event that the tournament regulations for the players ’birth date continue as presently unchanged, the participation of any player from the Egyptian Olympic team will not be threatened in any way.

Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, had announced his request to the International Olympic Committee to postpone the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for a year due to the outbreak of the Coruna virus, and it was approved by Thomas Bach, Chairman of the Committee. (Read his statements)

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