Finance Minister reveals the full details of the disbursement of the five bonuses


Dr. Mohamed Moait, Minister of Finance, said that the country’s financial situation is good and that economic reform has helped us in facing the current crisis.

“The Minister of Finance” – during a phone call to the program “On My Responsibility” broadcast on “Echo Al Balad” satellite channel presented by the media “Ahmed Moussa”, today, Monday, that the state’s economy 4 years ago could not face these crises, explaining “Levit Egyptian banks for 5 years, to collect $ 15 million, and I did not find them to provide C virus medicine. ”

“I contacted the Minister of Health at the time, and I told Engineer Ibrahim Mahlab, who took care of the effort to find the necessary amount,” Moait said.

He pointed out that the price of gas was reduced by 2.5 dollars in order to support the industry, in addition to reducing the price of electricity in order to support industries in light of the current crisis.

On the Corona virus crisis, he said, “I am in contact with the Ministry of Health and fulfilling all requests,” noting that medical workers in Egypt have played a major heroic role.

“We support the requests of each Ministry of Health, heart and mind, and are ready to study the proposals that are submitted to get out of the current crisis,” Moait added.

Maait pointed out that President Sisi allocated 100 billion pounds to confront the Corona virus, and we have a comprehensive plan to combat its spread.

He pointed out, “The Minister of Finance,” that President Sisi directed the preparation of a law for the disbursement of the five bonuses, explaining that the state’s public treasury is responsible for spending the five bonuses by about 35 billion pounds, pointing out: “The cost of annual bonuses is estimated at more than 7 billion in the following years.” He pointed out that this month we would have paid 120.4 billion pounds to the pension fund out of the amount of 160.5 billion pounds.

The “Maait” that pension funds will disburse the amounts and be borne by the state’s public treasury in the amount of 170 billion pounds, noting that the tax authority began to implement the president’s requests to raise administrative reservations in exchange for 10% of all the financiers, demanding that “the financiers submit a reconciliation application to the tax authority before the 30th of next June.”

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