For the first time … Spider-Man appears on the air in the “match”


Imane Mandour In the news, cinema and TV

Posted: Sunday, 15 March 2020 – 2: 2 | Last update: Sunday, March 15, 2020 – 2: 2

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        The journalist, Hani Hathout, started the Saturday episode of his program, "The Match", which is broadcast on "Echo Al Balad" channel, with a remarkable scene that raised the questions of the masses.<p>He appeared with Hathout at the meeting, a person wearing the mask of the famous movie "Spider-Man". Hathout later defined him as "Egyptian Super Hero" and "Spider-Man Egypt" as he put it, revealing that the person behind the mask is Karim Tariq, the team player The first football club in the Vanguards Club.

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The presenter said: “In times of uniforms where we are now suspended, postponed and banned from attending fans, and even stopping sporting activities, it is very important that you revolve on Super Hero, so it was normal for you to communicate with the Super Hero of Egyptian football … We have Spider-Man in Egypt is Karim Tariq … the grabs spread out in an attempt to get away from Corona, as this is a mask that you can use in need of ZD now. ”

For his part, Karim said that his celebration of the “Spider-Man” mask during the Pyramids match, adapted from the Gabonese star, Pierre Aubameyang, Arsenal striker, pointing out that everyone was surprised by the celebration, especially as no one was aware of it, indicating that he was surprised by the behavior. The “bad” referee with him, after he gave him a yellow card because of the method of celebration.

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