Former Liverpool star calls for Mohamed Salah to be dispensed and rejects Madrid offer to join Mane


Former Liverpool player Don Hutchison confirmed that the idea of ​​dispensing Reds star Mohamed Salah became out of the question in the coming period because the pharaoh had not become well-performing as essential to the stadium as he described.

“I will not accept 140 million pounds for the sale of Mane, I do not agree and I will not do that,” Don Hutchison said in comments published by the English newspaper “Daily Express”.

He added: “Mani and Salah are the same age, but I watch Mohamed Salah every week. His numbers are absolutely amazing and he does genius things, but he does the basic things in the game in a very bad way.”

He continued: “He cannot pass the ball properly for five Yards, It seems that he prefers to continue playing the ball in an attempt to get rid of everything around him on the side where he faces. “

He added: “If I were in Klopp’s position, I would not agree to the departure of either one, but if an offer comes to swap Mohamed Salah for Gadoun Sancho for example, I will agree.”

In the same context, French coach Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, renewed his interest in the inclusion of Senegalese international Sadio Mane, the star of Liverpool team, during the next summer transfer period.

According to the English newspaper “Mirror”, Mane’s brilliance with Liverpool made the Frenchman Zinedine Zidane very interested in his inclusion, as the Senegalese player became his first choice to support the Meringue attack line.

In its report, the newspaper pointed out that Real Madrid officials had already contacted Manny’s agent and informed him of the club’s desire to sign him.

She pointed out that Real Madrid had confidence in Sadio Mane’s temptation Wearing Royal shirt, go into a new experience.


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