Frankly speaking – The Stars Site – Nancy Ajram broke the base for the first time and immediately appeared from her home


After her direct looks were limited to her account via Instagram about her artistic activities, for the first time, the star Nancy Ajram broke the rule and appeared from her home in a direct conversation with the followers via Instagram, where he was followed by more than 35 thousand followers.

Nancy answered questions from followers, and sang to them
Her new song, “My Heart, My Heart,” as he got a funny attitude with her during
The direct conversation, as the electricity was cut twice, and Nancy redeemed the situation with a smile, indicating that
The Lebanese “get used to cutting electricity.” Nancy asked people to pay attention
Their health even after the quarantine period ended on March 29th, because it is a virus
Corona will not go away easily, promising fans that it will intensify direct conversation in the coming days
Especially as she is committed to the home stone supportive of the “Stay home” campaign to reduce
The outbreak of the new Corona virus, which affects more than 150 countries, is the same as the world.

Nancy had supported the “Stay You!” Campaign
Come home, by saying: “Stay home. Think about the guy who is the best. Think about you.”
We go back to sleep together, have dinner together, imagine and disdain each other, think about whether the evening will be sweeter than
After this absence, think about the sunset, and it will be better after these two days … We lost from life, how many days as sand, we know what we value.


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