French Health: A 16-year-old girl among the Corona victims of a dangerous mutation of the virus


French Health Director-General Jerome Salomon said at a press conference that the latest death toll from the deadly Corona virus, which numbered only 365 on Thursday, included a very rare case of a 16-year-old girl.

He revealed that the 16-year-old girl died in the Ile-de-France region in Paris, but did not give additional details about her condition, and pointed out that severe forms of the Corona virus in young patients are considered rare..

He explained that the virus caused the death of 1,696 infected people who were receiving treatment in French hospitals, stressing that the outcome does not include those who died in homes or homes for the elderly..

To date, he said, there are 3,375 patients in intensive care out of a total of 13,904 hospitalized patients who were infected with the virus.

He added that 29,155 people were positive as a result of their tests so far in France, noting that data show that 42,000 people were registered as infected with Coronavirus by their general doctors in the previous week, noting that tests in France only reveal fewer infections.

France has been locked up since March 17 in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus, and officials have continuously warned that these measures will take time to bear fruit..

The French are only allowed to go out to shop and spend plane things.

“It is difficult to estimate when we will reach the peak,” Salomon explained, “noting that sick people are now injured before the start of isolation procedures“.

“Now, mixing is less, people are coming out and getting infection less. So we hope there will be fewer people getting infected next week and fewer people going to hospitals,” he said.“.

“The coming days will definitely be difficult, but then we all hope for improvement,” he added“.


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