Fuel prices in Saudi Arabia in March .. Gasoline fell 95 .. Here are the new prices


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Saudi Aramco, the jewel of Saudi oil industries, announced on Tuesday a review of fuel prices during the month of March, to see the price of gasoline class 95 decrease.

The new prices announced by the company are as follows:

– Gasoline 95: 2.05 riyals / liter compared to 2.11 riyals / liter in February.

– Gasoline 91: 1.55 riyals / liter, without changing the value last February.

Diesel: 0.47 SAR / liter.

Kerosene: 0.64 riyals / liter

LPG: 0.75 riyals / liter.

It is noteworthy that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represented by Aramco is conducting a monthly review of fuel prices in the Kingdom, in order to reduce consumer vulnerability to fluctuations in export prices.

It is noteworthy that the announcement of new prices comes at a time when the price of a barrel of oil has fallen sharply and has reached the lowest levels since 1991 and Sunday, after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia lowered its crude prices to start a price war against Russia.

Oil prices in the United States of America fell by as much as 27%, to their lowest levels in 4 years, to a price of $ 30 a barrel, while traders are preparing for a move by Saudi Arabia to flood the market with crude oil in an attempt to regain market share.

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