Full details of a device that makes a big difference in the battle against Corona


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An American company has been able to manufacture a new device that can detect infection with the emerging coronavirus that causes Covid 19 during a period considered shorter since the outbreak.

She explained Network “ABC” American news that the new device is able to detect corona infection in just 5 minutes.
Pointed out Location The official company “Abbott” American specialized in the manufacture of medical equipment that the new device is able to identify and detect a positive injury within five minutes of the examination process, while confirming the non-infection within only 13 minutes, which is a new record time.

The device manufacturer indicated in a statement that the device, which it named “ID Now “ Portable, compact and easy to use.

The company noted that the device is small as small as a toaster and weighs only 6.6 pounds (about 3 kilograms).

And he said Location Business Insider The US Food and Drug Administration has granted the new device a license to operate in the United States and the rest of the world.

The site indicated that the American company will start shipping the new device to serve American medical personnel and in the rest of the world within the next week.

The company “Abbott” explained that the “ID Now” can significantly change the battle against the Corona virus in the United States and the rest of the world.

These devices can be operated on the Aspot IDNow test platform, a test that could turn out to be the most common use of medical care in the United States over the coming period.

The new device can also be used to test other viruses including the influenza A and B virus, Strep A virus and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) testing.

The new medical device is small and compact enough that it can be used almost anywhere for health care, increasing the number of places that can be used to detect the new virus.

The new medical device is roughly the size of a toaster, portable and can be installed anywhere, from the doctor’s office to the urgent care clinic.

“An ID test will help,” John Fairles, Abbott’s vice president of research and development, told Business Insider Coved 19 The new in the fight against the Corona epidemic in real time, by providing vital information in a few minutes to front-line doctors, who are working to stop the spread of the virus.

Abbott is expected to ship more than 50,000 units of the new device over the next week, according to a spokesperson for Abbott.

The new device is scheduled to begin testing the Corona virus around the world from April 1.

The US Food and Drug Administration also approved an innovative new system from Abbott called “Real Time” known as “Abbott M 2000”, which can detect coronaviruses, and combines two working systems.

The American company says that the new system will be able to conduct more than 5 million tests of the emerging corona virus during the month of April.

The Abbott ID Now device detects the DNA of the virus and identifies it with the DNA of a similar virus, the SARS Covid 2 virus.

Covid 19’s new molecular testing technology delivers good results in a matter of minutes, instead of the traditional tests that take hours, maybe even days.

According to Abbott Laboratories, the “ID Now Covid 19” test is the fastest molecular point test available for care.

However, other companies producing medical devices with faster testing capabilities are racing to get FDA approval.

Bloomberg reported that Henry Shine Inc. was developing an antibody test at the point of care, however, it could certainly not diagnose the infection.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) virus, which emerged in China late last year, on March 11, as a global pandemic, confirming that infection figures are rising very quickly.

The epidemic forced many countries of the world, led by large countries with their capabilities and population, to take exceptional measures; they varied from a flight ban to declaring curfews and isolating entire regions, and even closing places of worship, to prevent the spread of deadly infections.

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