Fyler: Azaru’s way of playing is the reason for his departure … and he is good at playing on apostates only


Rene Fyler, coach of Al-Ahly club, revealed that the way to play is behind the departure of Moroccan Walid Azzaro from Al-Ahly for the Saudi Al-Itifaq club.

Fyler continued, during his meeting with OnTime Sport channel, that the way Azaru played did not fit my plan, and consequently he came out of my accounts, following: “Azaru is good at playing counterattacks, and it does not suit me and his departure was the best decision.

About Zamalek’s negotiations with him, Feiler stressed that Zamalek spoke to him through intermediaries, as he was a coach without a team and Zamalek was looking for a coach, but the matter did not reach a stage of serious negotiations with any of Zamalek officials, describing the stage of negotiations as “negotiations from afar”, and Zamalek now owns As a senior coach, Kfiler feels comfortable in Al Ahly.

Feiler also talked about Al-Ahly players, stressing that he had studied Al-Ahly players before contracting to train the team in order to know the size of the team, the size of the competition and the capabilities of the players present, which helped me as a technical manager, to know the capabilities of the players well upon my arrival in Cairo.


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