Fyler: Don’t ask me about electrification … and Ramadan is not ready


Swiss coach Rene Weiler confirmed to Al-Ahly that his team had not yet decided his qualification to the semi-finals of the African Champions League, after he won the quarter-final away against the South African Sundowns.

In a press conference after the match, Fyler said that Ramadan Sobhi, the Al-Ahly player, is not ready yet, to participate in the matches.

Al-Ahly managed to beat the Sundowns with two clean goals this evening, Saturday, at Cairo International Stadium, in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

“I thank Musimani for the congratulations. He is very happy with the victory and the result. We managed to win the ball and imposed our performance on the field. We could have scored a third goal, but now we will start thinking about Al-Ahly,” said Fyler.

He continued: “I will not talk about facing the canceled Zamalek, we were ready and ready for the Sundowns in any case, even if we had played for the summit.”

He added: “It is wonderful to play against your fans, you get a positive motivation at the time, Al-Ahly fans are wonderful and very happy to see them today.”

And he added, “The Sundowns is a great team and offers a very high level. It is natural that we do not score from the first minute. We have not decided our qualification until now, it is their first defeat outside their land, and the return meeting will be very difficult, so we did not qualify.”

Regarding the exclusion of Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim “Kahraba” from the meeting, he said: “Do not ask me about him, I make the decision and I do not want questions about who plays and who does not participate, only I will answer only those who participate.”

He concluded: “Ramadan Sobhi has not yet participated in 100% of the training. We are going to play an extraterrestrial meeting and it is difficult to participate in such important matches as he is not ready yet.”


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