Global Health Begins to try Ebola and Malaria drugs in Corona patients in 10 countries


British newspaper “Daily Mail” revealed that the World Health Organization announced its new experience Soldierty “SOLIDARITY” To compare the effects of various drugs, “including Ebola and malaria,” on the Corona virus.

WHO study
WHO study

She explained that the United States was not included in the WHO experiment with experimental therapies for Coronavirus, because it has not yet committed to the project, but that 10 other countries have drugs that will be tested that include remicevir, which was originally designed as a drug to fight Ebola, and an anti-malarial drug. It is called hydroxychloroquine.

Real estate experience
Real estate experience

The newspaper said that the countries that committed themselves are Argentina, Bahrain, Canada, France, Iran, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and Thailand, adding that the United States was not listed as one of the countries, although the Director-General of the World Health Organization says that It is believed that “more will join.”

The newspaper added, there are more than 7800 confirmed cases in all fifty states and 121 deaths, stressing that the United States will not be part of a new experiment led by the World Health Organization is looking at treatments that work best against coronavirus.

The newspaper pointed out that there will be a so-called “solidarity experiment”, researchers from several different countries comparing the effects of different drugs on the highly contagious disease, including in the experiment Remisevir, which was originally designed as a drug to fight Ebola, and an anti-malarial drug called hydroxychloroquine.

Eight countries have committed to joining the experiment, but America is not among them, said Dr. Tedros Adhanum Gebresos, Director-General of the organization..

“This massive international study is designed to generate the robust data we need to demonstrate the most effective treatments, as it provides a Solidarity experience,” said Dr. Tedros.SOLIDARITY Simplified procedures to enable even hospitals that were overburdened with participation, and although the United States has not been classified as one of the participating countries, Dr. Gebrissos said he is “confident that more will join.”

Dr. Tedros also praised the generosity of the global community for its contribution of more than $ 143 million in the Corona Virus Response Fund.Covid-19Then, he encouraged countries around the world to isolate, test, and treat all suspects to prevent society from spreading.

He said that Remedisfer and Hydroxychloroquine are two of the many drugs that are being reused to combat the Corona virus.

The newspaper pointed out that one of the French drug industry companies is temporarily making the drug malaria hydroxychloroquine to treat the Corona virus, but it said that there are not enough data to determine the effectiveness of the drug in treating Corona, but in the case of the use of the drug Remedisfer, it has been proven that the drug fights coronary viruses, such as SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome)SARS), Who is the cousin of the new Coronavirus or of the same strain.

Recently, it was found that it helps relieve symptoms in the first US patient with coronavirus while hospitalized.

The newspaper pointed out that the World Health Organization also responded to President Donald Trump for continuing to refer to the new Corona virus as “the Chinese virus”. Viruses know no boundaries and do not care about your ethnicity, your skin color, or how much money you have in the bank. “

The organization added that this is a time for solidarity, it is a time for facts, it is a time to move forward, there is no blame for that.

Worldwide, more than 216,000 people have been infected, and more than 8,800 people have died. In the United States, there are more than 7,800 confirmed cases in all 50 states and 121 deaths.


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