Global health: Hand-washing with soap and water is effective to prevent


07:52 PM

Friday 13 March 2020

Books – Ahmed Jumaa:

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that washing hands with soap and water is effective to prevent the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

The organization said via its Twitter account, today, Friday, that there is no need to worry if hand sanitizer is carried out from stores, adding: “Wash your hands with regular soap and water, as it is effective in preventing corona and be sure to wash between the fingers and the back of the hands and around the nails.”

Reports indicate that infection with the emerging coronavirus may cause mild to severe illness, and in some cases may become fatal. According to current data from the World Health Organization, it appears that most of the new cases have a milder disease, and it remains one of the more mild patterns of symptoms caused by respiratory diseases.

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