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Everyone seeks health advice to prevent infection With corona virus Such as safe social separation, and frequent washing of hands to protect from this danger.

Many people ask about clothes, do they transmit the infection and how to clean it safely.

According to “Fox News”, although much is still unknown about Covid-19 disease, the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has now confirmed that corona virus infection is most often transmitted from person to person through a spray. The respiratory system, for example when an infected person coughs or sneezes about two meters away.

iStock- Laundry
iStock- Laundry

The former chief physician at the CDC Center, Dr. Robert Amler, told “Fox News” that the coat and shoes should be taken off as soon as you enter through the door of the house, after returning from outside, and there is no need to completely change clothes as a way to prevent transmission.

Dr. Amaler also pointed out that the advice to take off all clothes immediately upon returning home is a great exaggeration, explaining that the clothes are not a source of risk of infection in Corona, unless the wearer is sick with Covid-19 already and he sneezed or coughed on her, or he wore clothes for a long time during his illness .

And Dr. Amler added: “Clothes in general are not a source of infection with this virus.”

How do we wash it?

As for how to clean and wash clothes during the period of the Corona pandemic, the CDC advises families with confirmed Covid-19 cases, or suspected, that you follow the following instructions when cleaning clothes, linens, towels, and other washed items:

• Wear gloves when transporting the clothes of the sick person for washing, and gloves should be disposed of once the clothes are done in the washing machine.
Dirty laundry should not be shaken to avoid the possibility of the virus spreading in the air.
• It is preferable to transfer the laundry from dirty clothes baskets to the washing machine in disposable bags.
• The sick person’s clothes can be washed with other things, but the CDC Center advises to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when washing the clothes, and put the appropriate warmer water for the items if possible, then the clothes are dried after washing completely.
Keep your hands clean by washing them immediately after removing gloves.
• Keeping laundry baskets clean after emptying clothes in the washing machine. Laundry baskets must be cleaned and sterilized by following the same guidelines for cleaning various surfaces at home.

The virus, which has been classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, has killed more than 18,000 people in the world since December, while the total number of confirmed infections in China has reached 81,085 and 3,281 deaths.

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