Governorates start delivery of tablets to schools to avoid crowds (details)


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The directorates of education in the governorates began, on Monday, to allocate a number of schools to distribute tablets slices, in order to avoid crowds, and some post offices began to expedite the payment of pensions to the elderly.

In Qaliubiya, Governor Abdel Hamid Al-Hajjan held an urgent meeting with Anwar Radi, General Director of the General Administration of Post in Qalioubia, and Muhammad Qasim, Deputy General Director of Post, Taha Ajlan, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, to discuss the measures taken to facilitate exchange procedures for pensioners, and to prevent overcrowding in outlets Exchange, directed during the meeting
In coordination with the competent authorities, a package of measures was taken to facilitate the citizens during the disbursement of pensions starting from the beginning of next April, indicating the allocation of 15 schools as offices for disbursing pensions to prevent overcrowding in areas with high population densities, and the director of Qalubiya Security was also addressed to provide security patrols To secure the offices of post offices and address mayors, sheikhs, and NGOs in order to have an organizational and societal role during the pension disbursement period. The heads of cities and neighborhoods were also tasked with following up the offices of post offices, schools, and youth centers to be administratively ready and providing them with the necessary.

The governor called for preparing waiting places equipped for citizens and providing them with seats and umbrellas to facilitate the elderly and reduce crowding during the pension disbursement period. He also instructed the undersecretary of the Ministry of Health to start clearing and sterilizing all headquarters before and after disbursing pensions, in order to preserve the health of citizens.

The Directorate of Education in Qalioubia also allocated 12 schools at the level of the educational departments to deliver the data slides for the first-year students ’secondary tablet to face the severe crowd faced by the Egyptian Telecom and Exchange offices during the past days due to the demand from students and their parents to receive the special segment for each student, as the designated schools witnessed For distribution today, it is popular to receive the chip in the event of a relative decrease in the numbers compared to the crowd traffic.

A statement issued from Qalyubia Governorate, Monday, indicated that the schools designated for the delivery of data slides and which are currently staffed by Telecom Egypt to end the delivery procedures within the framework of the precautionary measures to confront the new Corona virus «Covid-19» and prevent crowding in the centers of the company, are the secondary Banha Girls in the capital, Wahaha secondary school, Al-Qanater Al-Khairiya secondary girls, especially Al-Thanawah secondary girls, Shubra al-Khaima secondary girls in western Shubra, Al-Obour secondary girls, martyr Mustafa Ataya secondary schools in Kafr Shukr, and the martyr Ahmed Abdel Nabi Atwa secondary girls in Khanka, Shebin Al Qanater secondary girls, the martyr Khaled Al-Maghribi secondary girls Batukh, and Qalioub secondary girls are old.

The Directorate of Education appealed to the students to quickly go to the declared schools from today to receive the slides, and avoid crowding in the communications and exchange offices to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus, with each school assigned by an employee of the company to end the procedures without crowding or overcrowding.

In Aswan, Monday, Aswan Governorate, began implementing a new mechanism for distributing Internet chips for tablets for first-year secondary school students for the academic year 2019/2020 to reduce gatherings and mixing, where Major General Ashraf Attia, Governor of Aswan, the directors of education and the Egyptian Telecom Company ordered the division of parents Things and students in small numbers in the classrooms and schoolyards to finish the procedures for handing the slides away from overstock, by allocating a school to each educational department for this purpose as part of precautionary measures to counter the spread of the Corona virus.

Dr. El-Sayed El-Fayoumi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Aswan, said that coordination has been done with the Egyptian Telecom Company to distribute Internet chips for the first year of secondary school students inside schools that were nominated in educational departments at the governorate level instead of the centers and centers of the company to avoid congestion and congestion, indicating that about 40% of the total slides of 2097 slides, and the remaining 3560 slides will be distributed before the beta test (without grades) on April 5 as a training to prepare students for the end-of-year test, which will be from April 30 to May 17, 2020.

In the Red Sea, the directorate of education in the governorate announced the allocation of a secondary school in each educational department of the governorate to be the headquarters for handing over the internet segments for students, in order to prevent the risks of crowding and crowding of first-year high school students and their parents in front of the branches and centers of the telecommunications company.

Hisham Mounir, Director General of Education in the Red Sea, confirmed that the decision came in line with the precautionary measures implemented by the Egyptian state to confront the spread of the new Corona virus «Covid-19», indicating that communication and coordination has been made with the President of the Egyptian Telecom Company, the Red Sea branch on ways to distribute the company For Internet slides on first-year students for the first year of the academic year, and it was agreed to nominate a school in each educational administration to distribute these slides to students according to the specified schedule, provided that the handover starts as of today, Monday, asking the students ’parents to bring the personal ID Of them, birth certificate and the origin of the student.

In the same context, the post offices in the lake witnessed a crowd of large citizens due to the exchange and dispatch of postal transfers, and the main post office in the Square Square in Damanhur city witnessed a great crowd for dispatching the money orders.

Muhammad Ali, 45, says he came to exchange a money order transferred from the company he works for, noting that he was on vacation because of the Korna virus, and Ahmed Hussein, 60, confirmed that he attended to exchange a money order sent by his son, adding, “I have to stop In the crowd because we are at the end of the month, and we want money to spend. ”

Muhammad al-Sayyid, 70, notes that there is a lot of crowding in the office from the inside, and that the queue extended from inside the office to the outside, saying: “People will work.”

And Hassan Muhammad, 45, says that a number of citizens are entered into groups so that there is no crowding inside the post office, and the problem has turned out of the mail,
Demanding for the regulation of citizens that the distance between each citizen be one and a half meters to reduce the chances of transmission.

In Qena, the various banking sectors, service offices and the mail witnessed congestion, on Monday, in front of their outlets, while the police were present and providing seats for clients and organizing the movement of entry and exit and the distribution of juices in the framework of ensuring compliance with the instructions and preventive measures to confront the spread of the new Corona virus, especially in places that may witness gatherings of citizens In front of its headquarters.

Where the banks of Egypt and Al-Ahly and the Qena Postal Services Complex witnessed the presence of large numbers to end their banking services, showing the proliferation of large numbers of policemen to regulate the movement and prevent overcrowding, and through the “We are One” initiative implemented by the Ministry of the Interior, they carried out breaks equipped with umbrellas and chairs for citizens in front of many interests Governmental governorate.

Telecom Egypt announced that it had coordinated with the Ministry of Education to deliver the tablets from tomorrow to first-year secondary students in the educational departments at the level of the Republic, in order to avoid the accumulation of students and parents in the branches and sales centers of the company in order to ensure their safety in light of the concerns of the spread of Corona virus.

The company said that sales staff will be present from tomorrow in these educational departments, so that students and parents can easily obtain the slide from the nearest educational department or the nearest school that the educational department determines for them, without the need for crowding or crowding in front of the company’s branches and sales centers, especially in light of the procedures Current measures have been taken to address the risks of the emergence of the emerging coronavirus, requiring a safe distance between clients, and waiting in well-ventilated places.

In the lake, a number of local units in the governorate centers distributed tablets in schools, after the “switches” in the lake witnessed an overcrowding crowd for the purchase of the “tablet” chip for first-grade students.

In Al-Delingat Center, Kamel Ghattas, head of the center, supervised the process of distributing slides for students and parents in Al-Delingat Secondary School for Boys, and parents were provided with a spacing to sit on them waiting for the role to pay and receive the fees.

“Ghattas” said that the Egyptian Company for Communications and Educational Administration in Delingat and the police station had been coordinated to dismiss the segment from schools in order to prevent the problem of overcrowding and congestion in front of the central, and to pay fees and receipt of the chip for the “tablet” for first year high school students, noting that the secondary school for boys was allocated To exchange the slides, the citizens’ waiting time was used to provide advice to prevent the Corona virus, to take all precautions and preventive measures to confront the virus, to ensure public hygiene and avoid gathering places.

And in Menoufia, Governor Major Ibrahim Abolimon announced that 11 schools at the level of educational departments in the governorate are allocated to handing the tablet slides to first-year secondary students, in coordination with the Education Directorate and the Egyptian Telecom Company in Menoufia, confirming that, Monday, delivery of the tablet slides will begin On students in schools.

In Gharbia, the Education Directorate announced the start of handing the tablet to first-year secondary students in the presence of Professor Dr. Tariq Rahmi, Governor of Gharbiya, and under the supervision of Nasser Hassan, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Gharbia, where today the Directorate of Education began the stage of handing out educational data slides to first-grade secondary students At the level of all ten educational departments.

The Governor agreed to allocate 10 schools at the governorate level to hand the tablets to the first secondary school class starting from Monday, with a secondary school for each department.

On the other hand, Dr. Ahmed Atta, Deputy Governor of Gharbiya, passed by Sadat Secondary School in Tanta and Industrial High School, to continue handing the targeted students to the tablet slides, and instructed that all students should not mix after leaving the school.

For his part, the Undersecretary explained that coordination has been made with the company so that students and parents can obtain the chip easily without the need for crowding or crowding in front of the company’s branches and sales centers, especially in light of the current measures that were taken to face the risks of the spread of the Corona virus.

In Beni Suef, the governor, Dr. Mohamed Hani Ghoneim, approved, on Monday, the plan of the Education Directorate to deliver the communications slides for “tablets” to the first year secondary school students, who numbered 14 thousand and 84 students, as part of the preparations for the experimental “electronic” exam to be held As of next April 5, he directed quickly to take the necessary measures to prevent crowding and overcrowding in front of the Telecom Egypt branch specialized in handing the tablets slices, in line with the precautionary measures and preventive measures implemented by the governorate within the framework of the comprehensive state plan to confront the possibility of infection P Corus is the newborn.

Siham Youssef, Undersecretary of the Education Directorate, explained that she had presented a plan to complete the rest of the tablets, as 10921 slides had been delivered by Telecom Egypt, and the plan included the distribution of the remaining slides by allocating the headquarters of schools distributed to the educational departments by the location of a school in each educational department.

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