Granting a 500-pound grant to 250,000 citizens


Counselor Nader Saad said a spokesman Council of Ministers Cairo Governorate has taken steps to prevent markets as well as some other governorates, calling on everyone not to commit to not going to avoid carrying the virus.
“Saad” expressed in a phone call via the first Misr channel, he was pleased with the commitment of citizens bcurfew This means that citizens realize the danger of the virus, adding that the measures have begun to pay off.

And the spokesman for the Council of Ministers continued: We hope that the next 15 days will pass well so that we can continue to the second stage.

He confirmed that The Ministry of Manpower You will disburse a 500-pound grant to 250,000 citizens who do not have any other livelihood, and we invite them to enter the ministry’s website.

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