Habib decorates the Luxor Film Festival screenings


“Habib” movie by Sayed Ragab and Salwa Mohamed Ali will be screened, as part of the official competition for short films in the Luxor Festival for African Cinema, tomorrow, Sunday, 4 pm at the Luxor Library and at 8 pm in Abu Hajjaj Square.

The movie revolves around Habib, a barber in his late sixties working with his own barber shop, breaking his normal day routine by trying to fulfill a strange request from his wife, and during his journey, many psychological struggles waged by Habib appear.

On Friday, the activities of Luxor Festival for African Cinema opened, with an artistic passage for the Reda Ensemble, followed by the speech of artist Mahmoud Hamida, head of the honorary festival for the current session, followed by the speech of the screenwriter Sayyid Fouad, head of the festival, then the word of director Azza Al-Husseini, the director of the festival, then the word of Luxor Governor, Counselor Mustafa Alham, and then a word Director Khaled Jalal, head of the cultural production sector, opens the festival with the film “The World’s Fund”, directed by Imad Al-Bahat.

15 films will be shown as a premiere in the festival, in addition to creating a competition for diaspora films in the diaspora cinema, and a major exhibition will be held on the films of the late artist Farid Shawky and his works from the archive of photographer Muhammad Bakr and supervised by Dr. Hussein Bakr and will be presented to him two films, “Al Saqqa Matt” and “Al Ghoul” In addition to 8 art workshops, 8 films will be shown outside the competition, including the Egyptian movie “This is my night” by Youssef Noman, in addition to 8 films presented in the Egyptian short films panorama and 3 Kenyan films in the framework of honoring the Kenyan cinema this year in the festival. That there is a section for special offers that displays the movie “Knight and the Mira “Directed by Bashir El-Deek. Also, 4 films about women will be shown on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8, the day that accompanies the festival’s activities, including“ Day for Women ”, and 5 recent production films will be shown in the Egyptian Film Panorama division.


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