Hamada Tolba: Al-Ahly fans pressed Shikabala and it exploded .. The Imam Ashour is still a little


Hamada, students of former Zamalek defender, confirmed that he expected Zamalek to crown the local Super Cup at Al-Ahly’s expense, despite the latter’s superiority and the performance he provided with Fyler.

And he said Students In special statements: Although all expectations were favorable to Al-Ahly, I used to see that Zamalek would win this match as the summit meetings always reflected the expectations, and Zamalek players were more focused before the start of the meeting.

And about the latest riots that followed the game, the former Zamalek defender said: I did not wish that to happen, especially as it came on the Emirates soil and I had hoped to appear civilized. Football always involved altercations, but I did not want to occur in the Emirates, which always improve our hospitality.

Hamada Tolba added: Those responsible for shipping before the match are the cause of the crisis, I would have liked to see the fans of Al-Ahly and Zamalek with each other in one runway, and if a crisis occurred on the stadium, we find a real role for the big players and captain of the two teams in absorbing and ending them quickly as well as technical bodies, as well as departments and see They had serenity sessions to reduce freight between the two players, and I was hoping that the player who wanted to celebrate should have stayed away from the opponents’ fans.

The current Petrojet defender continued: Shikabala was subjected to a lot of pressure from the fans of Al-Ahly, and is always subject to error in his right and insults, and some players bear the pressure and others do not, and when his anger explodes, it cannot be controlled.

And about the penalties that Al-Tab was signed, students said: Some penalties are especially severe for young players like Imam Ashour. Stopping him until the end of the season was a big punishment, but reducing it to 10 games is a fairly correct decision.


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