Hamo Beca was transferred to the hospital within days of announcing his engagement


Publication of festivals singer Beccas father-in-law A picture of him while he was inside the hospital via the Twitter site, “Twitter”, and he did not reveal his health condition, as Pika appeared lying on a bed inside a hospital.

He had celebrated Hamou bWicca at his engagement ceremony last Thursday, and published a photo under the comment: “No one can give me a thousand congratulations, Pekka will be happy.”

The Musicians Syndicate prevented festivals from obtaining permits to sing, including Hamu Becca, and the Jordanian Artists Association prevented festivals from singing on its lands in solidarity with the decision of the Captain of Musicians Hani Shaker, because their songs are contrary to values ​​and morals and are not commensurate with the general culture of society and standards Well-known musical.

Hama Beca won the YouTube Gold Shield after his YouTube channel exceeded 1 million subscribers.


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