Handball .. Al-Ahly beat Sporting in the Professional League


Al-Ahly beat its Sporting counterpart by 30-22, as part of the fifth round of the handball league final stage match in the match that took place between them this evening in Alexandria.

The first half of the match ended with Al-Ahly advancing 16-11.

With this result, the balance of Al-Ahly increased to 32 points, in second place, behind leaders Zamalek, with 34 points, while Sporting became 22 points.

Al-Ahly has two games left with the early pioneers in the sixth round and Zamalek in the last round of the title-setting stage, and the red team needs to win in both encounters in order to tie with Zamalek in points and play a playoff to determine the league champion.

The handball professional league champion will be determined through this stage, which is held in a single-league league system, and the team with the most points will win the handball league title.


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