He considers her his aunt .. Hala Fouad’s son reveals in her memory the closest friend in the artistic community


Today coincides with the birth anniversary of the actress Hala Fouad, who was born as a day today, March 26, and despite the brightness of her star quickly in the art world, she shocked many who love the famous star, after her death at a young age after her illness, leaving behind two sons, Haitham Ahmed Zaki and Rami Ezz El Din did not What remains of them is none other than Rami, who told us from London about his mother, and who left him at a young age as well, as he did not hesitate to live with her for a long time, but she remained as he always assured us in his mind and imagination.

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Ramy Ezz El-Din He revealed for the seventh day that he drew her image in particular through her memories with his father, who was always eager to tell about her on every occasion, especially that he did not live in Egypt and therefore did not approach her friends or know them except for the artist Nora, where he confirmed that she was very close to his mother His father always assured him that she was his aunt because of the degree of love that the late Hala Fouad had.

Ramy added that, immediately after the death of Haitham and when he came to Egypt, the artist, Noura, was keen to receive him, and therefore he considers her as a sister to his mother. It required him and his family to go to London for the purpose of treatment more than once, and therefore he was keen to meet them, specifically the artist Nora.


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