Health Minister reveals the latest developments in tackling the Coronavirus (video)


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Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, announced the analysis of 1904 suspected cases of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) in Egypt, from January to Wednesday.

The Minister of Health confirmed in a statement, today, that all cases were negative, except for the cases of the two foreigners, and they were announced in advance.

The Minister pointed out that he did not prove the positive of any suspected case of infection of the Corona virus emerging in Egypt until now, except for two cases, the first of a foreign person who was a carrier of the virus, and received excellent medical care, and the analysis of «pcr» for him under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Population, And the World Health Organization, several times in a row, the most recent one after spending 14 days in quarantine, and the result of the analysis was negative each time, and left the quarantine.

“Zayed” added that the second case of a foreign person was announced last Sunday, and he was immediately isolated in the designated isolation hospital, noting that he is receiving medical care, his condition is stable and is constantly improving, and all his tests confirm his condition has improved.

She pointed to the continued application of quarantine procedures to all employees at his workplace and their assisting bodies, who numbered more than 2,500 people as a precautionary measure, pointing out that no cases were suspected of infection with the new Corona virus, and all precautionary precautions were taken against them.

The Minister indicated to provide the workplace for the second positive case with 3 clinics for medical survey, and 6 ambulances equipped with 3 self-sterilizing cars, 3 seminars were organized to raise awareness of ways to protect against any viruses or infectious diseases, in addition to holding two training sessions for the team specialized in following up procedures Prevention at the workplace, confirming the absence of any suspected cases of coronavirus emerging from contact with the foreign person.

And «Zayed» pointed out that the analysis was done for 41 cases of returning Umrah suspected of being infected with the virus, and the results were all negative.

“Zayed” thanked all employees of the Ministry of Health and Population, especially quarantine, preventive medicine, ambulance, and all isolation teams, surveillance teams, workers in ports and airports, and the teams that survey all those involved in the positive situation that was announced, for their efforts An effort to take precautionary measures to prevent the introduction and spread of the new Corona virus.

She emphasized that all data are audited and all analyzes made for suspected cases of HIV infection are audited and the data exchanged with the World Health Organization.

The Minister of Health and Population reiterated that no new infected or suspected cases of infection with the Corona virus were detected in all governorates of the Republic, except for what has been announced, noting that once any infection is suspected, it will be announced immediately, in full transparency, in accordance with international health regulations, and in coordination With the World Health Organization, explaining that all data are audited, and all analyzes being conducted for suspected cases of HIV infection, are being audited and exchanged data with the World Health Organization.

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