Health reveals PCR analysis procedures without overstocking, and confirms: no urgent detection


Dr. Khaled Mujahid, Advisor to the Minister of Health for Information, spokesperson for the ministry, confirmed that a page will be launched on the ministry’s website to deal with receiving cases that want to conduct analyzes PCR To detect whether Corona is present, work will begin tomorrow morning, indicating that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will certify certificates, at central laboratories, and then send health to the embassies directly.

“Mujahid” explained during a telephone interview with the program “Al-Hikaya”, presented by the media Amr Adib, that the plane ticket refund must be booked on the same day that the test is taken, so that the certificate is valid for travel.

He continued: “The capacity of the central laboratories will be 400 tests tomorrow, and this capacity will rise to 1000 tests after operating the sub-laboratories.”

He continued: “The tests are on Abbasid fevers, Imbaba fevers, Minya fevers, Aswan and Port Said, and the joint laboratory in Sharm El Sheikh International, and Alexandria fevers, and they will be activated on Wednesday.”

He pointed out that the price of detection and analysis of corona is one thousand pounds for the Egyptian citizen, and the foreign citizen is 70 dollars, and there is no need for her name called an urgent statement of 2500 pounds.

Regarding the death of the German citizen, he said that he is 60 years old, and he showed symptoms of illness, represented by a rise in temperature, when he arrived from Luxor Governorate to Hurghada, and went to Hurghada General Hospital, on the evening of his arrival Friday, March 6, to receive medical care And, by performing the necessary tests for him and pulling the sample, which was positive for the new corona virus on Saturday, March 7, and was placed in intensive care, because he suffers from respiratory failure caused by acute pneumonia, he refused to transfer to the designated isolation hospital, then his condition worsened, and it happened Unconsciousness disorder, died today.

He pointed out that immediately, the Ministry of Health and Population took, according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, all necessary preventive measures, and the hospital was sterilized and disinfected..


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