Her brother beat her .. and she threw herself off the balcony in Mansoura


Tuesday 03 / March / 2020 – 04:14 PM

dead body

dead body

A girl was hit With injuries Dangerous after throwing herself on Tuesday, from the balcony of a house Her family On the fourth floor of a property in Samia El-Gamal Street in Mansoura, after a quarrel with her brother.

Major General Fadel Ammar, Director of Dakahlia Security, received a notification from Major General Sayed Sultan, Director of Criminal Investigation, stating that a signal had been received from Mansoura Emergency Hospital for the Police Department first Mansoura, with the arrival of Mena, a 14-year-old resident of Samia El-Gamal Street, Mansoura City, who suffered a broken pelvis, claiming a fall from height.

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As the mabahith officers moved to the location of the complaint, and upon examination, the investigations revealed that A quarrel broke out between Infected Between her and her brother, she threw herself from the fourth floor balcony, freed from that necessary report on the incident, and notified the Public Prosecution to conduct investigations.

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