Hifter discusses with Merkel in Berlin a Libyan armistice


Source: Arabic.net – Monia Ghanmi

General Khalifa Hifter, commander of the Libyan army, arrived on Tuesday in the German capital Berlin on an official visit, and held a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to discuss the Libyan crisis and ways to reach a peaceful solution.

During the meeting, Merkel stressed that there can be no military solution to the conflict in Libya, and therefore “a ceasefire and progress in the political process in accordance with the decisions of the Berlin Conference are necessary,” according to her spokesperson, Stephen Seibert.

The spokesman did not reveal details about Haftar’s reaction.

Haftar met in Paris on Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron, and the French foreign, interior and defense ministers.

Hifter and Merkel discussed assessing the current political and field situation in Libya, and ways to implement the outputs of the Berlin conference, which were agreed upon between the parties to the conflict last January, especially the item related to the cease-fire and the resumption of political negotiations.

On Monday, Haftar said, during his meeting with Macron, that he was committed to a ceasefire if he was respected by the armed militias of the Al-Wefaq government.

Violations of the ceasefire in the capital, Tripoli, are still continuing despite the achievement of a truce between the two parties and the recommendation of the UN Security Council on the necessity of a ceasefire, as most axes during the past days witnessed military operations on both sides, in which the army targeted several sites belonging to Al-Wefaq, the most important of which was the Mutaika base, and it attempted Al-Wefaq strikes the army’s positions through the Turkish flying.

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