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08:50 PM

Friday 06 March 2020

Follow-up Mostafa Al-Gretly:

Distinguished Masrawy visitors, follow up with us, moment by moment, on the events of the match between Zamalek and Esperance of Tunisia at nine in the evening today, Friday, in the second leg of the African Champions League semi-finals.

Zamalek had ended the meeting by going 3-0 in front of its Esperance match during their meeting last week at the stadium of Cairo Stadium.

And wait a moment-to-moment coverage of the events of the first half as soon as it starts:

The first half kicks off

In the 4th minute, Esperance gets a penalty kick after the ball hits Mahmoud Alas hand inside his club’s penalty area.

Minute 5: Bilal Bin Sa’da successfully scored the penalty kick by mid-goal.

Hadaf bin Sa’a led to a clash between him and Tariq Hamid, to make the referee show a yellow card to both.

15 minutes have passed since the first half, with mutual control by the team players, and the result is still progressing Esperance with a clean goal.

19th minute: The referee stops the match after Mustafa Mohamed fell injured, which necessitated the fall of Zamalek’s medical team for treatment before the referee resumed the match in the 20th minute after the Zamalek player went out to receive treatment outside the stadium.

The 21st minute, Muhammad Abu Jabal almost missed the ball and held his hand outside his penalty area, but he managed to avoid this mistake.


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