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03:42 PM Thursday 05 March 2020

An American website that monitors Mohamed Salah's wealth after 8 years of professionalism

Mohamed Salah is a Liverpool player

On Thursday, the US “along the boards” monitored Al-Masry’s net worth Mohamed Salah Star Liverpool Englishman, during his career period which has continued until now and which has reached eight years to this day.

The American website stated that Salah’s wealth amounts to approximately $ 70 million, or nearly one billion and 225 million Egyptian pounds, until January of 2020, explaining that the pharaoh worked at the beginning of his career with football balancing his studies with his passion for the round witch, but he Because of his passion for football, he has not succeeded in reconciling it.

The American website stated that Salah’s father and mother wanted their son to receive an appropriate education, but they did not succeed in removing the player from football, before he became one of the stars of the current witch.

And the site spoke in its report about the beginning of the career of the professional player, which he started in April of 2012 when he joined Swiss Basel from Arab contractors with a contract that lasts for four seasons, then joined Chelsea in January 2014, and loaned him to Italian Fiorentina in 2015.

An American site that details the details of Mohamed Salah’s professional journey

Salah left from Viola to Italian Rome in the same year, then his last stop was to move to Liverpool FC in the summer of 2017 for 40 million euros. The American website also spoke about Salah’s private life with his wife Maggie and having two daughters, Makkah and Kayan, as well as charitable work that The player organizes it by supporting charitable foundations, and building schools and hospitals in his town.

Salah is close to winning the English Premier League title with Liverpool for the first time in thirty years.


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