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01:19 PM | Friday 13 March 2020

Fears that Mohamed Salah was injured by

Mohamed Salah is a Liverpool player

The past hours have witnessed fears by Liverpool fans over the team’s stars, including Mohamed Salah, especially after five Bournemouth club members, including goalkeeper, goalkeeper Artur Borok, were isolated. It is known that the last game in Liverpool in the League Championship was against Bournemouth, which ended with the Reds winning with two goals. Versus a single goal.

A source for Homeland Sport confirmed that Mohamed Salah is fine and there is no concern for him, especially that all of those affected by the Bournemouth team were on the bench, by 4 members of the technical staff and a goalkeeper.

Bournemouth put goalkeeper Artur Borok and four others from the technical staff in isolation, after symptoms of the Corona virus appeared in the past hours.

English press reports confirmed that it was possible that the Bournemouth keeper and the other four individuals may have transmitted the infection of the Corona virus to Salah and his colleagues, especially since the last game for Liverpool in the Premier League was against Bournemouth, during which Artur Borok appeared with the other four in the stadium, which ended in favor of the Reds 2. 1.

Mohamed Salah had exchanged talks with the injured Bournemouth goalkeeper in Coruna as they were leaving the field after the end of the first half.

And Bournemouth issued an official statement, in which he said: “Bournemouth confirms the presence of five of its affiliates in self-isolation, after symptoms of the Corona virus appear on them, they are goalkeeper Artur Borok and four from the technical staff, according to government and public health instructions.”

The English club statement added: “This is a precautionary measure. So far, no positive sample has been proven for their analyzes, and the club is closely monitoring the situation, taking appropriate decisions towards employees and the masses.”

Photo of Mohamed Salah while shaking hands with Bournemouth players in the last confrontation between the two teams

The English Premier League postponed until April 4

Association was Premier League Premier League soccer premier just announced the suspension of all Premier League matches until April 4.

The “Sky News” network revealed that the English Premier League matches were suspended due to the spread of Corona virus until the fourth of next April.


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