Home sport Shikabala responds for the first time to Al-Ahly fans: “You took my right my way”


11:51 PM | Wednesday 18 March 2020

Shikabala responds for the first time to Al-Ahly fans:


Mahmoud Abdel-Razzaq spokeShikabalaZamalek player for his punishment by the Disciplinary Committee suspended 6 games, after he went to Al-Ahly fans to respond to them after winning the local Super Cup.

Shikabala said during his talk with Al-Zamalek channel: “They talk about a captive reaction from the fans, but where is my right? As long as you do not get my right, I will get it my way, and no one spoke when some of Al-Ahly players cursed Zamalek before, but talked about what I did.”

Shikabala: The best decision by the Zamalek Council was not to play the top game

Shikabala touched for the first time about his team’s non-participation in the top game, saying: “There are matches that were postponed in the past days due to the weather conditions, the match had to be postponed, and the best decision of the board of directors was not to play the game, and if we went to the match, things outside of football would have occurred permanently” .


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