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3:05 PM | Sunday 15 March 2020

The agreement reveals to

Walid Azzaro, player of the Saudi agreement

Al-Itifaq Club revealed the fact that it wanted to buy the remaining period in a contract Walid Azzaro From the club Al-AhlyEspecially after he starred with the team since moving in January from the Red Castle, after the Red technical team decided to dispense with the player temporarily.

Munir Al Khatem, the media coordinator for the Saudi club, said in exclusive statements to “Al Watan Sport”, that there is no decision yet in this regard, stressing that certainly what Azaru did, since he moved to the team, made some talk about the club’s desire to buy the remainder of his contract. .

Al Khatim stressed during his statements, that this matter was postponed to the end of the season, especially since the technical staff and the club management do not know what will happen during the coming period after stopping the sporting activity.

The Saudi Goal.com website had confirmed hours ago the agreement to buy the remaining period in Walid Azzaros contract with Al-Ahly after the latter’s brilliance with the Saudi club.


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