Hossam El Badry announces the local list for the two matches of Togo March 22nd – the seventh day


10/03 06:01

Hossam El-Badry, coach of Egypt’s first football team, revealed that he will announce the names of local players on March 22, after the end of the round matches of the 20 league matches, in preparation for the confrontation with Togo on March 26 and 29 in the third and fourth rounds of the African qualifiers for the African Cup of Nations 2021 in Cameroon. .

Comoros occupies the top of Group Seven with 4 points, Kenya is second with two points, and Egypt is in third place with the same balance, and Togo is in fourth and last place with one point.

Al-Badri preferred to announce the list of local players on 22, although there was a tendency to announce it after round 19 matches before Al-Badri retracted for fear of any injuries to the players, forcing him to change the names again.

And the artistic vocation of Egypt’s first football team, led by Hussam Al-BadryThe list of professional players joining the upcoming Pharaohs’ camp. The Pharaohs are preparing for the squad. The squad included 4 players: Ahmed Hegazy (West Bromwich Albion, England), Mohamed Salah (Liverpool), Ahmed Hassan Coca (Olympiacos Greek), and Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet (Aston Villa English).

Mohamed Barakat, the national team manager, sends the official summons to the clubs to join these players according to the specific dates of FIFA..

Professional players join the camp on the 23rd of this month, which is the start of the camp only 3 days before the official Togo match after the end of their external clubs’ association.

The officials of the Togolese Football Association notified their counterparts in the Egyptian Federation of choosing the Kege stadium to host the Egyptian team and Togo in the fourth round of the African Nations Championship qualifiers on March 29..

The Keguye Stadium is located in the Togolese capital Lome, and it hosts about 30,000 fans. It is the official stadium for the Togo international matches..

Hossam El-Badry, Technical Director of Egypt’s first football team, decided to limit himself to two exercises before confronting Togo on March 26 in the third round of the African Nations Qualifiers 2021, where the team will gather on March 23 and the rows will be completed on 24, so that the team will train on 24 and 25 before confronting Togo and it is scheduled to The exercise will be for the jaws of the muscles for fear of stress.


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