How Corona attacks the human body to death?


Scientists have said that the new corona virus can damage people’s kidneys and wreak havoc on immune systems, in addition to infecting the lungs.

To date, more than 90,000 individuals have contracted the disease, known to cause serious lung damage and fatal pneumonia, by attaching to the tissues within the lungs and reproductive, as the virus kills cells during the spreading process.

When the cells are killed, the lining of the lungs falls and accumulates in the masses inside the organs, making it difficult to breathe and cause more injuries.

The virus can also wreak havoc with the immune system while trying to fight infection, leading to swelling that may increase breathing difficulties. And if severe inflammation occurs, this can lead to damage to or disruption of the stomach, intestines, heart, liver, kidneys, and even organ failure.

Corona virus is (officially) a respiratory infection, which means that it affects the lungs and airways. Typical symptoms include coughing, difficulty breathing, and fever.

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The latest data on corona virus

Among the people who die from infection – about 3.4% of all patients according to the latest figures – most of them suffer from pneumonia, a lung infection that causes the airways to fill with fluid.

Professor Mark Felder, a biologist at Kingston University in London, said scientists have recently identified the types of cells that the virus appears to attack.

Speaking to Sky News, he said that cephallic and ciliary cells are most affected by the Corona virus. It is responsible for keeping the lungs moist and disinfected from dust or bacteria.

Professor Felder added: “The problem we are exposed to here is that the virus infects these cells and begins to kill them. As it kills them as part of the process of spreading, the tissues fall into the lungs and become obstructed, which indicates infection with pneumonia.”

Corona virus may also damage other internal organs because it controls the body.

The researchers found signs that corona virus patients had liver and kidney damage, but there was insufficient evidence to prove that the virus caused it.

Dr. James Sherry of the University of California said that lung problems can reduce the amount of oxygen circulating throughout the body, and therefore organs such as the kidneys have a lack of oxygen, which they need to function properly.

Failure of the organs is a serious health emergency, and it can kill a person unless treated quickly.

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