How did UEFA respond to granting Liverpool the English Premier League title?


UEFA President Alexander Severin said that the news circulated regarding the end of the season of the five major leagues and the title was given to the leaders of the table “fake”, pointing out that UEFA’s desire was to end local leagues.

The European Union announced yesterday, Tuesday, the postponement of the European Championship (Euro) 2020 for the next year, as well as postponing the qualifying matches for the championship, which was scheduled for this March to be held next June, in addition to suspending the matches of the European Champions League and the European League until further notice, due to Corona virus crisis that has spread widely throughout the world.

During comments reported by the British newspaper “Mirror”, Severin commented on the possibility of granting Liverpool the title of the league after a 25-point lead over second-placed Manchester City.

UEFA President said: “I saw and heard some fake news that the European Union will advise the local federations to end the league season now and acknowledge the crowning of the leaders of the table.”

He added: “This is not true, our goal is to end the patrols and we do not recommend anything like this for any union.”

It is worth noting that the five major leagues (England – Germany – France – Italy – Spain) suspended all football activities until next April.

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