How do you live together at home without an attribute?


Tuesday 17 / March / 2020 – 11:34 PM

Ahmed Al-Awadi and Yasmin

Ahmed Al-Awadi and Yasmine Abdel Aziz

He wrote Wael On his Facebook account, saying: “Boss, son, I, when he lasted with you, I replied to you and insulted me and in my family, the mistake is not on you that the mistake of all of you who mistook all of its people and who allows someone to mistake his family allows any other need that you get.”

Wael added: “I want to know now, I want to live with each other at home and work without an adjective, even if it is not an adjective, he declared it to me !! I am the one who made scandalous and this is the principle !! So announce your passport, ok swear by God, I do not leave my right and my reputation and my family’s reputation Except when things get right in the right queue … and the one who is wrong will be like the people who missed his colleagues, I will take my right to the law and finally to the respectable people if you were a sister, put yourself in my place ?!

Brother of Yasmine Abdel Aziz raises the controversy: Are you, how do you live with each other at home without an attribute?

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