How long does a person with corona need to recover? A global health official answers


Manar Mohammad:

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Saturday 21 March 2020 – 1:12 PM
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Saturday 21 March 2020 – 2:48 PM

Although the Corona virus still causes fear to many around the world, what was revealed by the Johns Hopkins University American Research Center was a message of reassurance to millions, as the recovery rate from Covid 19 is increasing compared to what was happening in the past few period.

The center’s report stated that the cure cases approached 69% compared to the deaths that were estimated at 4% only, and this is a major achievement in the absence of an official vaccine so far.

The presence of recovery cases causes some to wonder how long it takes for a Corona patient to get over the disease.

This question was answered by Dr. Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Emergency Health Program, explaining that it takes 6 weeks to recover from the Corona virus.

He emphasized that infected people suffering from another severe illness such as pressure, diabetes and heart disease may take months to recover from Covid 19.

He said that the way in which the patient’s recovery is discovered depends on observing the disappearance of the symptoms of corona on him, such as a persistent cough, inability to breathe, and examining it twice with a disease test and the appearance of a negative result – according to the American “CNN”.

He explained that despite the existence of the disease for months, some people still wonder about many things about it, such as the possibility of transmission from pets to humans and this issue has been studied and there was no evidence that the pet, such as cats and dogs, caused the transmission of Coffid 19 to humans.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that a Corona patient can only be allowed out of the stone after several signs of it appear, such as the fever being free of fever without the use of fever-reducing drugs, the absence of a cough, and the result of negative respiratory samples after being pulled twice by a difference of 24 hours at least.

He explained that what can be done now is to take precautions, be careful and support the immune system and avoid being subjected to infection by washing hands and not touching surfaces to reduce infection and save lives until scientists can find a suitable vaccine for the epidemic.

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