“Huawei” deal a blow to Google by announcing an alternative to its applications … and the US sanctions go unheeded


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Huawei has started testing its search application for smartphones, “Huawei Search”, because one of the main missing applications on its devices that are free from Google services at the moment is the custom search application.

Huawei decided to go to the Emirates, To test the search application The new “Huawei Search” in its trial version, attached as a (APK) file in exchange for additional gifts, depending on what Male website “gizchina”.

“Huawei Mobile Services” aims to provide an integrated mobile experience for Huawei device owners, with official services such as “Mobile Cloud”, “AppGallery”, “Video”, “Themes”, “ScreenMagazine”, etc., which come along with the system Operating “EMUI”.

And yet Google uproot services With Huawei phones, after the sanctions penalties issued by the US administration, the Chinese technology giant replaced “Squid” for news instead of “Google News”, and the smart voice assistant “Huawei Assistant” instead of “Google Assistant”, as well as the impossibility of using Google search. The famous “Big G” search, not only through the browser but also through the dedicated application, and will come in place of the new Huawei search engine “Huawei Search” in this system.

And unlike the common in Google applications that provide access to Google search engine, Google Assistant and Google lenses, the application “Huawei Search”, is a basic search application that allows users to search through Internet pages, videos, news articles or images directly.

The system also provides an abbreviation for weather forecast, provides a mini-tool that displays current forecasts 24 hours a day, and is supported by the joint project between “Huafeng” and “AccuWeather” to provide the expected data sources from the China Central Meteorological Administration.

The system will also have applications on watches, amplifiers, and cars, meaning that it will not be confined to a specific class of devices, and the system is open source, which will enable developers to modify the platform software, and also phone manufacturers can use this system.

Huawei has also repeatedly confirmed that it will not need Google again, as long as it has the world’s latest operating system, Harmony OS, according to what Male website “infomance”, and here is the new system in all its details Confirms the tech giant’s gone Chinese ahead, leaving the US administration asking itself whether its sanctions were against Huawei or Google?

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