Hussein Al-Shahat, a medical exam, decides the fate of Abdominal Muscle Surgery


Hussein Al-Shahat, Al-Ahly’s player, is undergoing a medical test to determine the extent of his need to perform surgery on the abdominal muscles, or the possibility of treatment without surgery after this injury severely affected the international wing. Hussein Al-Shahat is scheduled to undergo a thorough medical examination, after which the appropriate treatment program will be determined for his use for a period Sports activity is currently stopped due to the spread of Corona virus.

He spoke Hussein Al-Shahat On his injury, which he suffers in the recent period, saying: “I am thankful. I am fine, and talking about injuries is better for the team doctor to talk about, following up that the level of Al-Ahly is going well and the evidence is the results and we strive to satisfy the masses.

Hussein Al-Shahat talked about the reasons for his decline in the recent period, commenting: “I always strive to develop a level and listen to Feiler’s advice.”“, And he completed: “I strive for training, but scoring is a need to obey our Lord.”

The Al-Ahly Council headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib closed the three Al-Ahly branches (Al-Jazirah – Nasr City – Sheikh Zayed) until the end of March to preserve the safety of the club members and workers, and in line with the directions of the state that exerts its utmost efforts to protect citizens and in compliance with the WHO’s instructions to confront the Corona virus. Who raided the world in the last period


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