Hussein Fahmy to Mohamed Ramadan: If you are Number One, I’m Number One Plus … video


Artist Hussein Fahmy said during a press conference held at the headquarters of the seventh day that beautiful time had specifications and standards different from the current time, in the context of responding to a question regarding current time stars who hold titles during their artistic career, Fahmy said: When the star was sticking to a title, but it is not The one who says we used to hear it from someone other than the current time, which the artist calls himself the title, for example, when Muhammad Ramadan comes up to a song and says, “I am a tiger, there is no problem, he does what he wants, and I also do a song, and I say I am the emperor, and then there is no problem with what he says.” Bird on it.

The response is supposed to be done by another example, for example, the film, the film, the article of the story, the essay, the song, the song of the song .. And if it was, I would say, I would like to say, I would like to name the name of OnePlus, and the titles of Zaman were released from the works of the artist. And so on .

Hussein Fahmy revealed during the symposium that the late Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez was jealous of him in his artistic beginnings because of the admirers, explaining: “I was subjected to a harsh attack from the press at my beginning, despite the achievement of the films in which I participated in great profits at that time, but I was always I find great criticism all the time, constantly. ”

Fahmy indicated that at the head of the great journalists who were attacking him, Moufid Fawzi, who said: “Professor Mofid, may God protect him for health, received me in his magazine Rose Al-Youssef, where he had an article titled“ My hearing, ”and he wrote,“ Hussein Fahmy is a cold day in a rainy sky. ” And for that time, I kept a whole week trying to understand what he wanted to say, adding: “After this week, after me, he will receive an example and write,” Hussein Fahmy is a 16-foot refrigerator with a wide freezer. ”

Hussein Fahmy added that Kamal Al-Malakh was also constantly attacking him and said: “The Malakh received me and he was writing“ Hussein Fahmy Blue-eyed ”as if the blue-eyed was a birth defect, and: All of this happened despite the fact that in the city of cinema they were telling me that you raised the budgets in order The movies because the movies are starting to win. ”

Fahmy went on: “Professor Wahid Farid, who I consider to be my teacher, I complained to him about the severe and unjustified attack of the press, and Farid explained to me the situation, saying,” You are Faker Abdel-Halim Hafez, He will give you what you are. “So I said to him: What is the relationship of Abdel-Halim to me? Abdel Halim Hafez from under the pillow and degrades your image. Abdel Halim Hafez does not know who is sleeping.

Hussein Fahmy confirmed that Yusuf Bey Wahbi was his friend and that he went to him in the Nahhas Studio and complained to him about what was happening to him. Yusef Wahbi came to him, saying: “Congratulations..I told him to press to attack me and he said to me, so I said to you, Congratulations, and then I got the award for the best actor for a movie.” My blood, my tears and my smile. ”


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