If you are from irregular employment .. How to register your data to obtain the grant


Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Manpower called on the irregular workers wishing to register its data, which it did not register before, through the Ministry’s website at the link www.manpower.gov.eg.

The ministry confirmed that it will not accept requests by hand from citizens, but those who wish to register their data on the website, in light of the precautionary measures taken by the state to prevent the emerging “Corona” virus.

The Ministry renewed the announcement of allocating a phone number (01212201303) to receive inquiries about irregular employment on “WhatsApp”, within the framework of the comprehensive state plan to protect this group of citizens.

The ministry warned the masses of citizens not to drive behind the rumors propagated by some websites and electronic pages, that grants will be disbursed to those who send their data on the “WhatsApp” service.

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