“Iftaa”: Insisting on praying in mosques, despite the prohibition of the competent authorities “forbidden by Islamic law”


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Dar Al-Iftaa asserted that citizens in all countries must be legally obligated to comply with the instructions of the responsible medical authorities to close public places of educational, social and service institutions, and to suspend group and Friday prayers in mosques at this time, in order to limit the spread of the Corona virus that was announced A global pandemic, as it is a fatal infectious disease, transmitted by contact and contact with people easily and quickly, and a person may be infected with or incubating him, without knowing this or showing his symptoms.

The House stressed in its latest fatwas, on Sunday, that it is forbidden to insist on establishing Friday and groups in mosques, under the lawsuit of establishing rituals and preserving the obligatory prayers, while warning the competent authorities of that, and issuing decisions, stressing that preserving souls is one of the five most important purposes of the college, and must Citizens comply with these precautionary decisions and preventive measures taken by the state to reduce the spread of this epidemic virus.

Dar Al Ifta explained that it has been decided in the rules of Sharia that ward off evil is intended to bring interests, and that is why Islam has legislated systems to prevent diseases and epidemics infectiously, established quarantine principles, urged preventive measures, and forbade contact with the injured, and held the guardians of the matter responsible for the parish, and empowered them In order to achieve their duty to take what is in the religious and worldly interests, and forbade girls from violating them.

The house added that the jurists provided for the fall of Friday and congregation from the lepers and the like from the owners of the infection, and obliged to isolate them from the people; Wild.

The Dar al-Iftaa indicated that the issue of establishing Friday is that it is entrusted with the organization of the imam and his general permission to settle the matter of sedition, and to defend the pretext of the dispute, because it contains moral authority, and with the difference of jurists regarding the requirement of the imam’s permission to establish Friday, but they agreed to stipulate it if he left His permission to belittle his mandate or girls for his authority.

And the Fatwa House concluded its fatwa by saying: “The scholars must consider the fate and consider the reality, so that the breach does not widen on the people, and it is not permissible to underestimate this epidemic, nor to be blind to the spread of this affliction, but rather to pray, pray, and hope and hope, to the Lord of the Earth and Heaven.”

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