In just 24 hours … a catastrophic toll of Corona victims in Iran


Today, Saturday, the Ministry of Health in Iran announced a new death toll from the deadly Corona virus, with the announcement of 123 deaths and 966 others infected with the Corona virus within 24 hours.

The Iranian Ministry of Health said in a statement today, Saturday, that the death toll of the Corona virus reached 1556, an increase of 123 deaths in one day and the number of infected people across the country reached 20,610, with about 966 new cases, noting that 7,635 people recovered According to the Iranian Islamic Republic, “IRNA”.

The situation is contrary to what the Iranian president announced of the early signs that he expects the danger of the virus that has swept Iran and made it one of the biggest epidemics in the world within two weeks.

AndExpect President Iranian Hassan Rohani Improved health in his country, which is considered aFocus on the corona virus Within two weeks, during which time he said that the disease would gradually fade, it would decrease Preparation Injured and deaths as a result coronavirus In E.See.

The Iranian President said during the meeting of the National Committee to Corona fight Held today in Tehran“The issue discussed at the meeting was the issue of education … Of course in the previous session, we approved the plan put forward by the minister for education, which summarized that if conditions were like this on April 9, the training would be longer for a month, if it was later, Then one month will be added. “

He added spiritual According to the “IRNA” agency, that the directions for staying at home and travel restrictions will be applied from two to three weeks only to face the Corona outbreak, noting that “some of the overcrowded commercial centers were closed since yesterday, Friday, and some of them will be closed since today for two weeks.” Pointing out that he will extend the hours of schools and universities an additional month after eliminating the virus.

He continued, “Both higher education and medical education must agree to approval for all students and teachers to know, but we have not yet made a decision on the start date and we will make a decision next week.”

He explained: “At the meeting, the Ministry of Finance and Economy informed how we can reduce the number of people who shop in the markets because this will make traffic less and those who go to the store.”

Rouhani added, “Directions for staying at home and travel restrictions will be applied from two to three weeks only.”

He said: “Our first goal in this campaign is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries.”

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