In light pink … a shiha solution with an attractive look and a message for women


Artist Hala Shiha published a new photo through her personal account on the social networking site to exchange photos and videos “Instagram”.

Hala Shiha surprised her audience with a new and attractive haircut that caught the attention of her followers.

A shine shiha with a striking look, wore a pink sweatshirt and a pocket in a light pink embossed, and pants, and appeared a soft aesthetic and put the pink color matching with attractive look.

Hala wrote, commenting on the photo: “The six are really strong … Her strength is in the goodness of her heart and her tenderness … Her strength in her weakness is sometimes a secret and her beauty is in her simplicity … The six is ​​really strong because she is created by her nature or has a special queen that is not present with the man … Able to bear The circumstances of life and its difficulty with the raising of her children, her concern and her husband’s nurturing … the six are really strong because our Lord created them beautiful in every detail. “

She added: The strong six must make sure that it is strong because its atmosphere is the secret of all life, by adopting, raising, and arrogantly, and in its hands it cultivates all goodness and happiness and aspiration of grown-up children to complete the path of life to a better life .. Be always strong, you know the value of your being and yourself, you are very expensive and high. “

And Hala Sheiha continued, saying: Be aware, reduce yourself, nor your feelings, or the goodness of your heart, even if my love is a person who cannot help you immediately, and you will not be affected by his negative energy, or you will lose your confidence in yourself.

She concluded her comment, saying: The strong six are each one of us, Joanna, be strong to yourself and your loved ones who need you ♥ ️❤️???? Every six respect and appreciation and know that many women suffer from the difficulties of life, always think you are the most beautiful and strongest.


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