In support of them or a challenge to Hani Shaker? .. Muhammad Ramadan cooperates with Hassan Shakoush and Ridha Al-Bahrawi


Artist Mohamed Ramadan will be playing the next Ramadan race with “El Prince” series, as well as antiquities Announcing, during the past few days, his cooperation with both festivals Hassan Shakoush and singer Reda El-Bahrawy by working, asking, is this cooperation a challenge toSyndicate of Musical Professions Hany Shaker, by supporting festival singers?

Details of the cooperation, I started publishing a popular singer, Reda El-Bahrawy, a new photo through his personal account on the social networking site to exchange photos and videos “Instagram”.

Al-Bahrawi appeared, accompanied by artist Mohamed Ramadan, and commented on the photo, “Trust in God, success.” Wait for us in Ramadan #a series Prince. “
In the same vein, the artist announced Mohamed Ramadan Hassan Chakoush’s song “The Street of Days” was finished and scheduled to be broadcast on his YouTube channel, which is the first promotional song for the Prince series.

Mohamed Ramadan posted a photo of him with the artist Hassan Shakoush on the social networking site “Instagram”.

Ramadan commented, “Yesterday, we finished the song # Street_ My Days Singing # Hassan_ Shakoush, the first promotional song for the series # Prince # Ramadan 2020, produced by Tamer Morsi, written and directed by # Mohamed_Sami Bakra, God willing, on my official YouTube channel # Trust # in God_s success.”


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