Information about the second death from the Corona virus in Dakahlia .. Where and how was it infected?


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The Ministry of Health announced today, Monday, the death of the second victim of the Corona virus in Dakahlia Governorate, a 50-year-old man, who was infected two days ago, and died in a health isolation in Abu Khalifa Hospital in Ismailia.

Sources at the Directorate of Health in Dakahlia revealed that the deceased was called “AA”, a public tax employee, resident in Belqas city, and married with two sons and three daughters.

The sources revealed that the deceased went to Belqas Hospital, on Wednesday, suffering from acute pneumonia and suffering from pressure and diabetes, and a smear was taken on Thursday as part of the surveillance of the Corona virus, and the results came on Friday morning showing its positive for the emerging corona virus, and it was transported immediately in a car Self-sterilized ambulance to the isolation in Abu Khalifa Hospital, Ismailia, and died Monday morning.

Today, Monday, the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population announced that the number of deaths from the Corona virus in Egypt has risen to 4.

Khaled Mujahid, a ministry spokesman, mentioned the registration of two new deaths, one for a 72-year-old German national in Luxor Governorate, and the other for a 50-year-old Egyptian from Dakahlia Governorate, who was in contact with the Egyptian woman who died on March 12 in the same governorate, noting that a family The deceased, whose number is 3 individuals, samples were drawn and their results were positive for the emerging corona virus, and they are among the total number of reported positive cases.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health announced, on Thursday, the death of a woman infected with Corona virus, at the age of 60, from Dakahlia Governorate, who was received by Sadr Al-Mansoura Hospital, who suffers from severe pneumonia, on Wednesday morning.

Immediately, a sample was taken and the result was positive for the emerging corona virus, on Wednesday evening, and it was transferred to the Isolation Hospital, and she died today.

Responsible sources revealed to “Al-Masry Al-Youm” that “the lady is called (AM), 60 years old, from the Great Village of Samahia, which is affiliated with the Belqas Center. The examination was signed at a private clinic in Belqas, and then transferred to Al-Sadr Al-Mansoura Hospital, Wednesday morning, with the diagnosis of double pneumonia, H1N1 seasonal influenza swabs were withdrawn, and corona swabs were positive for Corona.

The sources added that, “as soon as the positiveness of the infection was confirmed, she was transferred to Ismailia Hospital for isolation and submission to the Corona treatment protocol, but she died hours after being transferred to the hospital.”

The sources revealed that “the case has no history of contact with the injured, but by investigation it was revealed that two weeks ago, an Egyptian from the village died in Italy and his Italian wife brought him to bury him in the village and lived with his family for 3 days, then the wife traveled, and the sick mixture and her family.”

The sources indicated that “smears were taken from 6 of those who had died from the deceased from her family and were isolated from their homes under follow-up for a period of 14 days, also smears were taken from the medical staff who dealt with them while in the chest hospital as well as the doctors who visited them in private clinics and all under self-isolation 14-day follow-up.

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