Instagram stars: Latifa in a blazer dress .. and Nancy Ajram shine with


05:00 PM

Sunday 01 March 2020

I wrote- Amira Helmy

A large number of stars and stars, to share their followers on Instagram, share the most beautiful moments and daily looks that document their different diaries and fashion.

Reham Ayman

Reham Ayman shared her followers with pictures of her by the pool, and she appeared in a short dress, with long sleeves, and she chose a drop hairstyle, as she relied on earthy colors in makeup, and Maronite color as lipstick.

Asma Sharif Munir

A group of photos with the names of her followers, and she relied on the dirt colors in the make-up, and a scarlet aichard, and she chose the hairstyle raised in the form of a bun in the middle of the head, with off guard, and wore a jeans jacket with a shiny fabric, and she also adopted accessories around the neck “Shocker”, and circular earrings Large in golden color.

– Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram appeared with a new set of pictures of her in the competitions program, The Voice Kids, as she wore a golden color top with a cupcap style, decorated with a long tail back in the same color, and coordinated with the top black trousers, shoes with the same color high heels, and she also adopted the drop-hairstyle.

– Latifa

Latifa shared her followers with a poster of her new album, “Mutarblich”, wearing a short blouse dress, in “Off White”, and coordinated with him, Colon Crystal. She also adopted the hairstyle raised from the back, the curly wave drop down, and chose makeup in earthy colors.

Maya Diab

Maya Diab appeared in a casual look, wearing yellow mustard pullover, and light-fitting jeans. She also adopted the drop-hairstyle and her makeup was based on earthy colors.


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