Isolated camps and a private hospital .. A proposal to save Premier League


English press reports confirmed that a new proposal appeared on the horizon in order to complete the current season of the Premier League, “Premier League”, which is suffering from a long interruption due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

The British newspaper The Independent confirmed in a report today, Sunday, that according to its sources, I learned that there is a tendency to complete the Premier League competitions during the coming June and July according to new regulations.

The sources indicated that the English Premier League will discuss a proposal for matches in camps and isolated areas in London and the “Midlands”.

The Midlands region, which includes the cities of Stoke, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry and Birmingham, will host the remaining 92 club and match camps of the competition, all of which will be televised to the masses, according to the newspaper.

The remote camp proposal is not the only one to be discussed by the association during the weekend meeting, as the option to hold matches in the stadiums designated for them is still under discussion.

The proposal is similar to what happens in the FIFA World Cup competitions, as all clubs and players will be isolated in a designated hotel for the duration of the matches, and away from their families and families.

The newspaper pointed out that the concern about the implementation of this proposal comes in light of the presence of club officials, photographers and external broadcast crews, who may be difficult to control with regard to following the quarantine rules.

A source confirmed to the English newspaper – whose name was not mentioned – that there are other fears that players will be injured during matches that are held in areas where hospitals are not designated for emergency situations as required.

The source added: “The English Premier League may have to set up a hospital of its own to avoid these matters, we are trying to obtain significant political support for the success of this proposal.”

The newspaper concluded its report by noting that it is possible to rely on some of the training fields in these cities for the establishment of matches on them, if the main stadiums are not sufficient.


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