Italian Federation insists on its position on “awarding the title to Juventus”


The Italian Federation insists on its position on


                    Marco Alpozzi / Lapresse

The Italian Football Federation president Gabriele Gravina confirmed his determination to complete the football season in the first division, even if it ends in August.

“We will do everything we can to end the patrols, and if we are forced, we will ask the European Union and the International Federation to extend the period beyond June 30, and to play in July and August if necessary,” Gravina told Radio Marti.

He added: “It is too early to think of a specific date, but we must maintain our optimism, especially in terms of the health of the Italians, and our hope that this situation will end as soon as possible.”

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“In the event that it is impossible to use all the available windows, as planned, we will change the format of the competitions.”

Gravina denied the possibility of canceling the league categorically or granting the title to the league leader (Juventus) and said in this regard: “This will lead to a hateful scenario, I will continue to reject this scenario as long as possible.”

Representatives of the Italian Confederation, the League, the Association of Players and the Government will hold a meeting on Thursday to discuss future solutions.

Source: “AFP”


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