Izz al-Din Bahader declares his readiness to participate in the league with Guinness and write history


Ezz El Din Bahader, the 6 October team player, announced his readiness to play his first match in the third division league, against Guinness next Saturday at the 6 October Club stadium.

Izz Al-Din Bahader fully practiced his training today with the team, to ensure his complete similarity to the recent injury he suffered from a swelling in the knee after undergoing an intensive rehabilitation and treatment program.

Bahader indicated that he is preparing to enter the Guinness Book of World Records with the start of his participation with his club in the matches that were invited by the encyclopedia officials, explaining that it needs to play two games for 90 minutes to enter the Guinness Book.

It is worth noting that the Egyptian Football Association has registered the largest professional player in the world during the current winter registration period, as he is 75 years old and Izz al-Din Bahader, who signed for the October 6 Club in the third division clubs.

And getting ready Izz al-Din Bahader to enter the Guinness Book of World Records, as he started participating with his club in the matches invited by the encyclopedia..

Walid Al-Attar, the Federation’s executive director, received in his office the player and club officials when they came to complete the registration procedures.


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