Jamal Al-Ghandour presents the official resignation of the Football Association


Jamal Al-Ghandour submitted an official resignation from the chairmanship of the referees committee to protest the late rulers ’entitlements, and delivered them in writing

The Board of Directors of the Football Association headed by Amr Al-Janini.

The crisis of the referees ’dues remains in the Football Association due to the late payment of it until now and the difference over the application of the new list or the continuation of the work on the old list and the dispute is still ongoing.

Tharwat Swailem, acting president of the Football Association, had approved the amendment made by Samir Othman, head of the referees committee, and raised the referees’ allowance to 5000 thousand pounds instead of 3 provisions of the Premier League and 1750 the second section instead of 1000 pounds.

In a different context, the FIFA’s five-year committee received assurances from FIFA officials that the decision to appoint the committee would be extended for a period of two months initially until the next FIFA elections are completed, after the elections were confirmed at the end of August or mid-September.

The decision to appoint the five-year committee of the Football Association ends on July 31, but the failure to adopt the new regulations for the Football Association so far, and setting next June as the date for the general assembly to discuss and adopt it, caused the extension of the appointment decision to two months until the next elections.

The General Assembly of the Football Association objected to the recent reports that the 8-year clause was not applied retroactively in the upcoming elections based on a recommendation from the FIFA, which means allowing a large number of members of the previous council to run in the elections despite the application of clause 8 Years against them .. The General Assembly attributed the reason for its objection to the fact that the new items in the list are the ones that are not applied retroactively. As for the 8-year clause, it is an existing item in the old list, and it is not new. List after u Ramadan Ramadan .. An official source for the Football Association said that the 8-year clause will be adopted in the Football Association’s list that is currently being prepared, stressing that this clause does not prevent the Quartet Saif Zahir, Ahmed Mujahid, Khaled Latif and Issam Abdel Fattah from not running in the upcoming elections scheduled for it End of the current year 2020.

The Jabaliya official added that the International Federation of FIFA applies the new provisions with the start of putting them into the list, and they are not applied retroactively, so the 8-year clause that will be adopted in the new list will be implemented after the regulations are approved by the General Assembly .. and notified the five-year committee To manage the Football Association headed by Amr Al-Janaini, FIFA, to reduce the number of Al-Jabaliya General Assembly clubs to 98 clubs after June 30th, which is the date of the end of the fiscal year according to the regulations of the Football Association, provided that this number is entitled to attend the General Assembly of Al-Jabaliyah which It is held by the Elections Data to choose a new Council.


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